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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Family Vacation 2011

Lucia didn't exactly like the river...

Lucia Maria Hickman, my favorite baby on the planet.

My Sarabu! ^
Annnd my big brother. Love them both.

River trips at 1:30 AM. Winning.
Love her :)

The day we got back from Steubenville we immediately got in a car and drove like 4 hours to Wimberly, TX, to spend a week on the river. I just wanna say thanks to the Hickmans for asking me to come along, and I'm really lucky I get to babysit for them. And everyone who came along was so great. Hickmans, Alexanders, Vaughns, Becca, Slush, etc. On the way home we passed through Luling and found out there was a Watermelon Festival there starting that night and Jonathan decided we were gonna stop and stay for it. It was pretty great to watch a watermelon weighing competition, and see the Thump Queen coronated, and then see the greatest country cover band ever play live. I cant' wait for family vacation next year! :)


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