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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Frank Family

I had fun shooting them! Kris & Grace and their little daughter Maggie are the cutest and sweetest little family. Maggie actually took her first steps all by herself the night before we took these, so that's pretty exciting. They are very generous and I'm glad I know them!

Crain Family

I took their Christmas pictures last year too, and they have seriously grown! They also added a new addition to their family, Caleb, who was born a few weeks before I took these pictures. (I think 4 weeks?) But yes, they are a lovely family! Merry Christmas Becky, Jesse, Hunter, Avery & Caleb!

Latino Family

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Diaz Family

This cute little family lives in Dallas and it worked out I got to take a few pictures of them while they were in town for Thanksgiving. We were seriously fighting the light and the weather though! Snapped some and then the sky literally turned black and it poured rain. Can't wait to take some more next time they're in town.