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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Grandparents. They're the best.

So I was going to babysit my favorite kiddos the other night, and their dad asked me if I could come early and take some of the kids with their grandparents who were visiting from out of town. And they turned out great. And it reminded me how lucky I am to have awesome grandparents, on both sides of my family. My sister and I went to my grandparents (my mom's parents) yesterday to let their dog out and we found a bunch of our old toys we used to play with at her house growing up. I won't forget all the times we played with The Puzzle Place puzzle or with the Sesame Street play place. And my grandma would always make me toast with butter and grape jelly and give it to me with a Yoohoo chocolate milk. And I won't forget all the times my grandma (my dad's mom) has come to visit us, and even when my great-grandma used to visit us too. And how we always go shopping when she comes to visit. And the time I went to San Francisco to visit her, and we went and did sightseeing all around the city and then saw Coraline in 3D together. Basically, I love my grandparents. And it made me happy to see these little kids with their grandparents, because I know how awesome grandparents are in life. My next goal is to take some pictures of them with their other grandparents, Darla & Ennie ;)

Ennie was making faces behind my back to get them to worked, just not on Lucia..

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cody Rader (and Tanner!)

Cody's dog Tanner is now my absolute favorite dog on the planet. And he loves me more than Cody, as we learned today ;) Cody is graduating from Clements this year and will be studying Economics at UT next year.

And on a side note, all the pictures of just Cody without Tanner, I was holding Tanner on a leash with my left hand and photographing with my right. So BAM.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hickman Kids

I love these kids. And I got to babysit them yesterday in beautiful weather. And I just happened to have my camera on me. So, here's what happened :)

*PS - Sophia was at a birthday party and Lucia was with the parentals, some of y'all (if anyone actually even looks at this, probably not though) probably know the family and are like "hmm...where's the rest of those kids...and why doesn't Katie like to photograph them as much?"

Maggie & Becky

They're the bestest best friends I've probably ever seen. And Maggie drove in from College Station to have a paint fight with Becky and take these. Maggie's an amazing photographer herself annnnd you should definitely check out her site: It probably seems confusing I'm calling her Maggie and her photography company is Laura McCarthy. But her name is Laura Magdalene McCarthy, and she goes by Maggie, so yes, it's the same person :) She got a new camera so I took some of her with it.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Avery Hadden

So Avery literally texted me yesterday morning for the first time ever and asked if I could take her pictures, and we started planning for later this week but then she was like "Actually...are you free today even though it's really last minute?" And turns out I was so we met after school and drove down to Old Richmond. I automatically love people I don't have to edit at all...Avery's like that. No skin or eye editing at. all. Gorgeous.