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Sunday, March 13, 2011

because it's been forever...

I'm so lazy and I stink at posting. So since it's been almost exactly a month, I'll just do a little recap of the last month. And these are in completely a weird order so...ignore the order.

Sara trying to make the pig roll over at the Bay City Rodeo...Went down to Bay City in a crowded car with Los Novaks, the Blasdells and Slush. And I'd just like to say that the rodeo was actually really awesome. I love the Houston Rodeo but I don't wanna pay a crapload of money for good seats, just to be able to see what's happening. down side of rodeo in BC was they shut the carnival down early because apparently there was teenagers fighting and they had guns. Blah.
Fun House with Lauren and Sarah.

Taken on the ferris wheel at the Rodeo Carnival.

For yearbook but it didn't get used..
My sista-sista during Team Lyrical.
Town center with Laura, she came home for a visit and surprised me! I love her.
Megan during Team Modern.
My other sister Angela and her husband Will came for lunch as a surprise! (They live in Fort Worth)
I found these shoes in my closet and they gave me serious blisters, but they're cute right?
Team Lyrical. (Brittany, Sarah, Karly, Heather)
Avila being cute.
My brother Stefan and his girlfriend Sam after morning mass at St Theresa's
My marble slab cup that I thought was super awesome.
Swirll with Laura!!
Took pictures of Arwen, Caedmon and Becca at Memorial Park, she's presh.


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