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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Jonathan & Sara Alexander

Went up (or down?) to Bay City, TX New Year's Eve for the Rehearsal/Worship/Dinner/Party before the wedding of two of my favorite people ever. I babysat then spent the night with the bridal party and the beautiful bride herself. Got up early the next morning and went to the Life House (The church converted the house that the sisters use to live in into a house for the Life Teen kids, it's super awesome) and got ready all day. Sara Luanne Busha Alexander looked absolutely gorgeous. She surprised Jonathan with a cute letter right before the ceremony too. Also, these pictures uploaded in a really weird order, ignore that please.

Fireworks and we all had sparklers to send off the happy couple!

Sara & Ricky's father daughter dance.
before AMDG boys tore up the dance floor and decor.
first dance!
The "I do"'s

gettin' that hair ready. This was for her to see what it looked like cause she couldn't in the mirror :)
Right before the ceremony. Love you Jonathan!
(and Andy?!)

Two good friends of the Busha family made us all breakfast, and it was delicious. And can't forget the "love punch."
The adorable little ring bearer himself!



Ivonne said...

1. I was looking through these pictures and it caught me crazy off guard when I saw Austin's step brother... until I realized you knew him :P
2. I love love love love love the picture of their first dance, one of the best pictures I've seen.
3. I just wanted there to be a #3 but I don't really have anything else to say :)

Anonymous said...

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